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Let us WOW you! We take pride in our special brand of service, combining personal touch, accountability, responsiveness, commitment, and cutting-edge industry knowledge. Talent acquisition is our priority, bringing value to your company.

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Creative solutions to progress your business!

At OSI Staffing, we understand your recruitment challenges. We handle investments, risk management, staffing solutions, payroll, absences, and the need for qualified candidates efficiently.

Our recruiters source top-tier candidates who align with your requirements. With our network, proactive approach, and advanced technology, we expedite hiring without compromising quality.

We mitigate risks through comprehensive screening and background checks. Our streamlined payroll ensures accurate and timely payments, reducing admin burden. We prioritize reliable candidates to maximize productivity.

OSI Staffing connects you with highly qualified professionals. Whether temporary or permanent placements, we fulfill your job placement needs.

Expect a seamless experience with OSI Staffing. Our commitment to exceptional service sets us apart. Trust us as your employment services partner.

Contact us today to start your successful staffing journey.

Work smarter,

not harder!

36 days saved

in average by our clients

$4,500+ saved

in average by our clients

  • Direct hire

    Unlock long-term success with our tailored candidates for your commitment.

  • Payroll Services

    Save time and money with streamlined onboarding, tax filing, coverage and net billing.

  • Work comp

    Eliminate the administrative burden and ensure that all claims are handled efficiently and effectively.

  • Temporary Services

    Flexible talent solutions without breaking your long-term budget constraints.

  • Human Resources consulting

    Save time and cost. Our services ensure compliances and regulations.

  • Risk Management / OSHA Compliance

    Mitigate workplace risks and ensure OSHA compliance with OSI Staffing.


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Next generation staffing solutions

01. Talent acquisition

We use up to date software's and technologies to ensure we meet or beat your expectation on finding the perfect candidate.

02. Staffing solutions

No matter the number of candidates you're looking for, we guarantee we can fill all job orders.

03. Partnership

We don't work for you, we work with you. We see every client as a partner. Our goal is simple, to take away the stress of hiring the right people, so you can focus on growing your business.

Hear from our Clients

Robert K.

HR in Food manufacturing industry

I have a great experience working with OSI Staffing. They provide us with top-tier candidates that are a great match for our job requirements.

OSI Staffing is very responsive and communicative throughout the process, which makes it easy to work with them.

They are also able to meet our staffing needs quickly and efficiently. We have been working with OSI Staffing for 5 years and will continue to do so.

Henri H.

HR in Call center

OSI Staffing positively changed our perception of recruitment agencies.

Their dedication, understanding, and effective communication impressed us.

They promptly provided a shortlist of highly qualified candidates, saving us time and effort. Their professionalism and attention to detail made the recruitment process seamless.

We have expanded our partnership with OSI Staffing and rely on them for various roles. They consistently deliver excellent results and have become a valuable recruitment partner. We highly recommend OSI Staffing for a smooth hiring experience.

Samantha V.

CEO in Logistics industry

I am very impressed with the level of service that OSI Staffing is providing.

They take the time to understand our staffing needs and provide us with candidates that are a great match for our company culture and values.

The agency is very responsive and communicative throughout the process, which makes it easy to work with them. They are also able to provide us with staffing very quickly which saved us time and money. This let us focus on our company's success.

I would definitely recommend OSI Staffing to anyone looking for high-quality staffing services.

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(323) 917-9044

10913 La Reina Ave STE B, Downey, CA 90241



(323) 917-9044

10913 La Reina Ave STE B, Downey, CA 90241

© 2023 OSI Staffing, Inc. - All Rights Reserved,